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Google Maps Go is a MUCH lighter version than the original Google Maps app. Is it hiding a deep dark secret? No. Basically, this app is little more than a shortcut to the web version of Google Maps. In fact, whenever you open Google Maps Go, the full Google Maps website pops up, so you must have Chrome installed for 'Go' to run.

Just like in the original Google Maps app, Google Maps Go allows you to run a search to locate any place in the world -- right from your Android. And, if you want to find out how to get somewhere, look no further than its toolbar to run a quick directions search to get you on route with a tailored map from your current location and provide you with updated, real-time info on public transport and traffic conditions.

From Google Maps Go, you get crucial info on businesses, government buildings and monuments for your city. Plus you'll have opening and closing times, contact information, exact addresses and much more at your fingertips. You can also run a quick search to find information on public transportation schedules, bus stop numbers, and locate metro, bus or trolley stops that are nearby.

Google Maps Go is a very handy app for any user who is miffed by how slow Google Maps (the original app) can get at times. Thanks to the 'GO' version of this app, you'll get a perfectly smooth experience every time that provides exactly the same useful information as the original, at a much lower cost to your device resources.
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Android 4.1 or higher required